Can I hire just one module or service?

The monthly payment includes all the modules shown here and you can use the ones you need.

Do you penalize me with permanence?

Not at all! MENYGES has no permanence and you can hire the months you need and, if you do not need our services, you can unsubscribe at no cost.

Is it necessary to have the MENYGES PMS to be able to hire the channel manager?

Yes, since the main module is the PMS from which the data is exported to the channel manager.


What portals do you have connection to?

We have connection with BOOKING.COM, AIRBNB, HOMEAWAY and EXPEDIA

How do you synchronize with the portals?

The data you have in the MENYGES system will be linked to the different portals, so that rates and availability are synchronized automatically. Similarly, if reservations occur in the portals, the availability in the MENYGES manager is updated.

Can I make direct reservations through my channel?

Of course, the reservations you make with your customers and that you enter manually have no cost.